Snips and Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails

Oh, little boys!

I can't say I know what it's like to keep up with their energy, being the mom of two girls whose favourite past time is "being cozy." But I can say that these giant brown eyes and stylin' side part make this little guy as cute as they come. What a pleasure to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon with old friends in their Point Grey neighbourhood....

A Walk in the Woods

I spend a lot of my working-slash-waking life in front of a computer screen. There is always so much work to get done, and so little time to get outside and go exploring. So it's really nice when my work life collides with forests and fresh air and mud puddles. Nature - imagine that! A few weeks ago I met up with my friends Kanoux, Callum, their son Oliver and their dog Lucy for some family photos before the imminent arrival of their next child. We sunk into the fern-covered ravine that is Mystic Vale, and here are a few outtakes from the shoot......

Top of the World

Beautiful light and colours on this late-August evening. Thank you Lauren, Tanner and Zadie for allowing me to follow you around with my camera while we explored Anderson Hill Park and munched on the odd pinecone ;)

The Evolution of a Poppet

Sometimes it comes easily. Other times, many rounds of revisions are necessary before the design is just right. 

Take poppet #5 for example. This little kitty took me more than 4 months to nail down.  I've just completed the design for a game app that will be launched in a matter of weeks and this character proved quite elusive. Back in the days of Koo & poppet, there were bear stuffies, bunny stuffies, the occasional fox stuffy, and now and then a little pig. Oh, and of course the rare  Koo species. So those guys were a snap to draw. But there never was a least not until the poppets became digital illustrations. In fact, the cat started out as a fox, and then became a red panda. So maybe that's why she was so tricky. 

The drawings below illustrate the evolution of this character and represents many conversations between my partners and I. We always laugh when we look back on "Cunning Professor Tribal Kitty" (I'll give you three guesses but you'll only need one)...

So what do you think of the final incarnation? She takes flight this Fall, stay tuned!